Rob Saunders filming at Twickenham Stadium

Belle - 2012. Position: Boom Operator

Shooting on the Isle of Man and in London, Belle was a great project to be involved with. This independant British movie was picked up and distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures. More information about the film can be found at the Belle Official Website.

Leaving - 2008. Position: Sound Recordist.

A 20 minute film for Social Film Drama as part of a training package for Avon & Somerset police, Leaving is a powerful film about domestic abuse. Produced by film makers Richard Penfold and Sam Hearn of Omni Productions, Leaving picked up many nominations and awards incliding a BIFA Nomination: Best British Short.

In Bruges - 2007. Position: Sound Assistant/2nd Boom Operator

The best script I have ever received through the postbox. I'm very proud to have been involved in this project. Shooting for seven weeks on location in Bruges.

The Hatching - 2013. Position: Boom Operator

A low budget feature film set on the somerset levels...with crocodiles! Photo's and information at The Hatching Official Website.

Flying Blind - 2011. Position: Boom Operator

One of three low budget films produced as part of the iFeatures initiative set up in Bristol.

The Adventurer: The Curse Of The Midas Box - 2012. Position: Sound Assistant/2nd Unit Sound Recordist

Based on the book Mariah Mundi by G.P Taylor, this was one of the first movies to be based at Bristol's Bottle Yard Studios, with shooting taking place all over the south west.

Run Fatboy Run - 2006. Position: Sound Trainee

This was the first movie I had the pleasure of working on. Directed by David Schwimmer and with a great cast it was huge fun to be a part of.

McCullin - 2010. Position: Sound Recordist.

A wonderfull shoot spent listening to some amazing stories. Don McCullin's work is abolutely spectacular. Due to budget constraints I was asked to pick up a lot of additional audio without the cameras and it was a pleasure to conduct those interviews, matching the sound to the pieces we had already shot. The film picked up a BAFTA Nomination: Best Documentary Film.

The Boarding School Bomber - 2011. Position: Sound Recordist

Omni Production's short film Conviction was picked up by the BBC and turned into a docudrama for BBC3. It was nominated for Best Documentary at the RTS Awards.

Great Dinners Of The World - 2011. Position: Sound Recordist

This was a great project following four asian chefs around France and Scotland, cooking some pretty stunning food. The show aired on the Asian Food Channel.

Let's Make Sushi - With Manu Letellier - 2010. Position: Sound Recordist

Instructional DVD for French sushi chef Manu Letellier. Produced by Omni Productions the DVD can be purchased at Amazon.

Bristol Zoo - 175 Years! - 2011. Position: Sound Recordist

A short film celebrating the 175th anniversary of Bristol Zoo.

Physics World - 2014. Position: Sound Recordist

This is an example of one of many films I have worked on for the Institue Of Physics and Physics World.

Mud, Sweat And Tractors: The Story Of Agriculture - 2008. Position: Sound Recordist

A BBC4 series covering the four main areas of farming in the UK: Milk, Fruit & Veg, Wheat and Beef.

I Shouldn't Be Alive - 2011. Position: Sound Recordist

I worked on an episode of this Animal Planet show. Many nights were spent on the side of a mountain in the pouring rain, but I was very pleased with the resulting soundtrack. Some cunning use of radiomics hidden inside the climbing helmets worked wonders.

Little Stars Of Bethlehem - 2010. Position: Sound Recordist

A great shoot over four weeks in a primary school in Bristol following the creation of their Nativity play. Unfortunately this poster seems to be the only remaining evidence as the film was never released.

Cider With Rosie - 2014. Position: Boom Operator

Part of BBC 1's season of classic 20th century literature, this was a five week shoot in Laurie Lee's home town of Slad in the Cotswolds. The show will be aired in Spring 2015.

Valentines Kiss - 2014. Position: Boom Operator

Produced by Gate Television Productions Ltd Valentines Kiss is a two part mini-series which was shown over christmas 2014 in Germany.

Downton Abbey: Series 4 - 2013. Position: Boom Operator.

Seven months spent shooting ITV's flagship drama Downton Abbey. A two camera shoot for the entire series, along with scenes containing huge numbers of cast made this one of the most challenging shows I have worked on. The hard work was all worth it in the end as we received an Emmy Nomination: Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series.

Turning - 2011. Position: Sound Recordist.

Shot on 35mm with stunning animation from creative duo Karni and Saul, this short picked up a BAFTA Nomination: Best Short Film.

The Mimic - 2012. Position: Boom Operator

A Channel 4 comedy with impressionist Terry Mynott.

Cherries - 2007. Position: Boom Operator.

A short film directed by Tom Harper which received a BIFA Nomination: Best British Short.

Luke And The Void - 2008. Position: Sound Recordist

A short by director Matt Freeth for the Bristol scheme Digital Shorts.

The Queen - 2009. Position: Boom Operator

A Channel 4 series depicting the life of our Queen. Shot on various locations in the southwest including Stourhead and Longleat Safari Park.

Roger Federer Trickshot - Gillette - 2010. Position: Sound Recordist

A viral video produced by Rubber Republic for Gillette which now has over 10 million views. Also featuring my wife Laura if you can spot her!

Theodora Childrens Trust - 2009. Position: Sound Recordist

As a sound recordist this was one of the best brief's for a shoot ever: record Laughter! The Theodora Childrens Charity managed to get this short commercial shown before every screening of Harry Potter in cinemas over christmas. Working with Karni of Karni and Saul and cinamatographer Richard Stewart, I'm very proud of this project and how we managed to keep the filming environment as natural as possible to get these great reactions.

Stenna Line - 2008. Position: Sound Recordist

A commercial produced by Bristol's Aardman.

Abbey Well - 2012. Position: Sound Recordist

Sponsers of the Olympics 2012 this is one of a series of films for Abbey Well water by Bristol production company Aspect Film and Video.

Powerade - 2012. Position: Sound Recordist

Sponsers of the Olympics 2012 this is one of a series of films for Powerade by Bristol production company Aspect Film and Video.

Toshiba World Cup - 2010. Position: Sound Recordist

A commercial as part of Toshiba's England Expects campaign during the 2010 World Cup.

Bell Insurance: Brent Butane - 2013. Position: Sound Recordist

A commercial for car insurance from Bell shot in Bristol's Bottle Yard Studios.

Julia Bradbury Icelandic Walk - 2010. Position: Dubbing Mixer

I provided the track-lay and final mix for this BBC show following Julia Bradbury as she walks up the infamous Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Despite excellent location sound I spent a lot of time removing coat and other clothing noise from the radio mic tracks, and adding in lots of atmospheric wind sfx.

Taking On Tyson - 2011. Position: Track Layer

After spending weeks doing the track laying for this Discovery Channel series I can no longer watch a pigeon flying without hearing the hundreds of flapping wings I had to add to this show!

Nature's Miracle Babies - 2011. Position: Track Layer

I provided the track lay for this BBC 1 show.

The Good Cook - 2011. Position: Track Layer

A cooking show for the BBC involving a lot of added kitchen sfx and slowmotion cooking sounds.

Turbowolf: Solid Gold - 2014. Position: Producer

A personal project with Ben Foley as FEO Films. We produced this music video for Bristol metal band Turbowolf. With a budget of £400 we called in a lot of favours from all the great people we have worked with during our careers and created this rather awesome film!

Whitecaps - 2014. Position: Director Of Photography

Working with Champloo Dance Company and director Wilkie Branson this is an excerpt from the stage show White Caps. Half live dance and half film projected onto a scrim covering the entire stage, I shot the film sections. Shown first at the Bristol Old Vic the sell out shows were then picked up by Saddlers Wells and toured around Europe, Canada and India.

Embrace - 2014. Position: Dubbing Mixer

Starting from scratch with a completely silent film I created the soundscape for this dance film by Shantala Pepe.

I am a location sound recordist and boom operator based in Bristol, UK. I work on feature films, tv shows, documentaries, corporates, commercials, virals…anything that involves pictures and sound. I pride myself on providing a top quality sound track and have the equipment and expertise to provide this no matter the setting, from the studio to the more challenging working environments.

I am a strong believer in having knowledge and skills beyond just one niche area. My location sound work is underpinned and complemented by a strong understanding of the post production process, having provided the track-lay and mix for a variety of productions.

Please take a look at some examples of my work. If you would like the full list please download my CV.